What is NAP? and Why Does it matter to my HVAC Business


NAP is a term in Search Engine Optimization circles. It means Name Address Phone Number. For local business’s NAP is one of the most important things to tell Google and other search engines that you are who you say you are. Having your NAP consistent across directories helps search engines understand that the information is correct and the business does exist.


Think about it like this Google and other search engines are just machines or robots, our job is to tell them what something is, who they are, what they do and how they can be contacted. If more pages or directories share the same information the robots are like oh yea this info must be true because 3 people (web directories) told me that is true. So now imagine if you could have 30,50 or even a hundred or more listings that all had the same information? Well search engines would be like “YEA that is them we know it” and that would increase your ranking not only on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page ) but also within GMB (Google My Business).


There are some directories or websites that are more important than others for example Facebook is an important directory for all small business’s. Even if you don’t post information or connect with people on Facebook it is in your best interest to have this setup. Yelp is another global directory for business’s and maybe you don’t really use yelp, thats ok you should really make sure that your information is correct and you do have a listing. Google Maps,Apple Maps and more can really help with your online ranking making sure all of these listing are correct is crucial to the success of your online presence.


If you have any questions about how we can help with your online listing and manage them let us know by contacting us. Making sure your HVAC, Plumbing or home service company can be found online is what we do!

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